July 14th Municipal Election Information

In addition to the primary vote on July 14th, Newcastle voters will have the opportunity to vote on a number of issues and candidates on the local level. Rather than a traditional open annual town meeting, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Selectmen to consider an alternative in having the residents decide items such as the municipal and school budgets via referendum.

Below you will find a copy of the sample ballot which covers all municipal issues (including the budget) and the secondary schooling budget (Newcastle students in grades 9-12). An additional ballot will be included which concerns the Great Salt Bay School budget (Newcastle students in grades K-8).

This year, due to the challenge of including all of the information which explains the budget on a ballot, we are including links which explain the municipal and secondary school budgets for the coming year. In addition, a public hearing will be held on Monday, June 22nd at 6:30pm on the Town’s YouTube channel. Prior to that night you can send questions or comments for inclusion in the Public Hearing, and the Selectmen have agreed to extend the comment period for one additional week (until June 29th). Comments and questions can be sent to the office via US Mail, dropped into the town’s dropbox at the Town Office, or emailed to [email protected]

We recognize this process is new and a break from tradition, but unfortunately the COVID-19 virus cares little about such things. Let’s hope we can all get back to our old ways of operating soon. But in the meantime, we urge anyone who can to request an absentee ballot and have your voice heard. Click on the Secretary of State’s link and we will send you a ballot as soon as we are able to do so beginning the week of June 22nd.

Town of Newcastle Specimen Ballot – July 14, 2020

2020 Annual Town Meeting Warrant

FY 21 Municipal Budget Explanation

FY 21 Secondary School Budget Explanation

Below is the Public Hearing held on June 22nd for the items on the July 14th municipal referendum