Election Results Delay – 7/14

Unfortunately, the Town of Newcastle is unable to report its results for the July 14, 2020 election due to a software issue with the tabulation machine. The issue is focused on the tabulation of state ballots cast via the absentee ballot process. The Secretary of State’s office has been in contact with us and will provide Newcastle with a repair to the software Wednesday morning. Further, the Secretary of State’s office has requested that we suspend the tabulation of all ballots until the software for state ballots can be implemented. Due to the priority status for state ballots, none of the ballots cast for municipal offices or referendum have been tabulated. All ballots are secured and locked according to state guidelines for ballot storage.

Once the software repair has been completed, the Town Clerk will proceed with the process that will report the results of the state ballots and then followed by municipal matters. As with a standard election evening count, candidates for office (or their representatives) are welcome to spectate the tabulation of results.

We believe the count for all items on Newcastle ballots should be completed by late afternoon on Wednesday.