Town Office Operations Update 7/15

With a one of a kind election out of the way, the Town Office is turning its eyes directly on working with our residents to register all of the motor vehicles, boats, and ATVs that are new to their owner or require re-registration.

All registrations, and all other business requiring in-person service, are being handled by appointment. The office is still working through a backlog of residents who require an appointment and we are contacting residents to establish an appointment to come in and register their vehicles.

Those who need to re-register their vehicle can use the state’s Rapid Renewal system which will allow registrants to print out a temporary registration, mail the official registration with stickers to your home, and then transfer the appropriate funds to the town from your transaction. As we have said throughout this pandemic, we urge our residents to use this service whenever possible as we have a large number of residents who cannot process their registration without an appointment.

In other business, the office phone has been incredibly busy since re-opening a couple of weeks ago, so we ask for your continued patience. Our new phone system has a great number of features that will allow us to better serve our residents, but there are always bugs to work out of any new system. If our line is busy or you are unable to leave a message, please call us back. We are in the office and want to help. If the phone isn’t working, email is always a good option!

Lastly, if you need to make an appointment, we are asking our customers to please wear a mask, per Governor Mills’ order. The glass we will soon have on the counter has not yet arrived, so we are doing our best to improvise to create a barrier to keep our residents and our employees safe. While we are following all appropriate protocols for cleaning, we need your help in maintaining a safe public space that residents of all backgrounds and health conditions need access.