Comp Plan/Code

Over the past three years, the Town of Newcastle has been working toward a better way in managing land use in our community. The Newcastle Local Planning Committee (NLPC) was given the task to oversee the creation of a new comprehensive plan and an accompanying code. Over those years, the members of the NLPC and the team from Maine Design Workshop (MDW), who was hired by the Town to put the two documents together, have heard from residents, business owners, and taxpayers about how those in Newcastle live and how we could make our community better.

On June 12th, the Town adopted the new Comprehensive Plan by a 2 to 1 margin. The approved plan will be sent to approval by the State of Maine within the next few weeks. The Board of Selectmen will soon appoint a Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee which will oversee the integration of the recommendations within the plan into Town policy. The approved Comprehensive Plan can be found here:  Comprehensive Plan June 12 2018 Approved

The NLPC is continuing its work on the new land use code with a goal of placing the new code before voters in November 2018. The most recent public draft available of the land use code is available here: Newcastle Character Zoning Code with Modules (May 14, 2018).  This most recent draft is under review and undergoing significant alterations by the NLPC.

If you wish to provide feedback to the NLPC to assist in their review of these documents, you may use the Google Form we've established to gather your questions, concerns, edits, and other pertinent information. If the form does not capture your feedback properly, you also can email the NLPC via [email protected] or [email protected]


Land Use Code Drafts:

Character Code - Public Hearing Draft 8-16-18

Character-based Code Draft (Dated 12/6/16) 

Character-Based Code Public Draft (6/30/17)



Comprehensive Plan Drafts:

Comprehensive Plan_Public Draft_(Dated 12/06/16)

Comprehensive Plan_Public Draft (June 30,2017)

Comprehensive Plan Public Draft (December 22, 2017)

Newcastle Comprehensive Plan Final Public Hearing Draft (March 22, 2018)

Newcastle Comprehensive Plan_Final Public Draft_4/23/18